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Special Events at ILC

Throughout the year, the Intergenerational Learning Center puts on special events for the children and families of the center. Please check back to see what fun and exciting events are planned!

Children Around the World

The children of The Intergenerational Learning Center have the opportunity to perform and share in the Children Around the World program. The Children Around the World program takes place yearly.

During the program, the children, with help from the teachers, share what they've learned about other countries and cultures through song, food, and displays. It is a wonderful opportunity for them to learn about other cultures and holidays, in addition to the joy that comes from sharing and performing for loved ones.

The Children Around the World program gives both children and teachers the opportunity to show parents all of their recent hard and interesting work.  The program takes place in the Atrium at the Commons on Marice.

Classrooms display information on a particular country using materials, pictures and food for sampling.  The project displays are available for viewing at 6:30 p.m. and remain set up during the program. Each class performs during the program for the parents, showing something they learned about their country. 

As an example, a chosen country could be Mexico.  The display could include a piñata, postcards, pictures, maracas, pesos, a blanket made in Mexico, a map of Mexico or any significant symbols for that country.  Food for sampling could be Mexican wedding cookies.  Children help the teachers make the food the week of the event.  The program could include counting from 1 to 10 in Spanish and singing La Cucharacha.

The most important part about Children Around the World is the children's work.  Lesson plans for the week before the program focuses on that particular country.  Art work for that week could include making flags, clothing and painting or drawing a specific area of the country.  This art work would also be part of the evening's display.