Just Imagine...

  • A child-centered, hands-on learning environment
  • A safe and stimulating setting that feels like Minnesota's North Shore
  • An innovative program where children and seniors explore ideas and build relationships

That's the Intergenerational Learning Center, an intergenerational program for children ages 6 weeks through 8 years of age.

What Makes Us Unique?

Focus – At the Intergenerational Learning Center, we encourage children to follow their natural curiosities in an environment that focuses on the "whole child." Language development, social skills, actions, and consequences, sharing with others, following directions, and understanding differences are woven into stimulating daily activities. With our child-centered philosophy, children grow quickly in confidence, skills, and self-esteem.

Surroundings – Our North Shore environment encourages children to explore and imagine. They can hop aboard a tugboat and work at computer stations while floating on an imaginary lake. In the Rocky Point Amphitheater, they prepare puppet shows, perform music, or simply investigate rocky nooks and crannies.

In our learning kitchen, they experiment and then enjoy their creations while seated in our "dockside" dining area. Future marine biologists observe the mysteries of underwater life in the two-sided aquarium, and little gardeners plant and tend flowers in the Solarium. And when the weather is warm, our enclosed outside play area becomes another universe to explore.

People – The Intergenerational Learning Center unites children with seniors from the surrounding area and from The Commons on Marice, the senior living community next door. When generations meet, discoveries are made and, most importantly, important bonds are formed. Supervising all activities are our professional staff, who are extraordinary in every way - in their training, in their pledge to quality care, and in their commitment to each and every child.

Affiliation – The Intergenerational Learning Center is owned by Intergenerational Living & Health Care, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for children and older adults.