Just Imagine...

Welcome to the Rabbit Room!

In the Rabbit Room, each baby is treated individually because we recognize that they are individuals who are all on different schedules.  We work hard to follow the same schedule at school that you have for your baby at home.  When a parent enrolls at the Learning Center, they provide a schedule of their child’s day, for instance, when they would like their baby to be fed and when the baby normally sleeps.  The teachers provide nurturing and developmentally appropriate activity for the periods of time when the baby is not eating or sleeping, such as puppets, singing, time on the floor to play, sensory activities, stories, and time outside walking and playing.

The Daily Sheet

Each day, the teacher provides a “daily sheet” which lets the parents know about their child’s day.  The daily sheet is posted on a clipboard outside the Rabbit Room in the child’s Tree Slot.  Each morning, the parents fill out the top half of the daily sheet, letting the teachers know how the baby slept, and other particulars.  The teachers fill out the bottom half of the sheet as the day goes along, and by the end of the day you have detailed information on what your child ate, when they slept, when they were diapered, their activities, and personal comments on how your baby’s day was. 

What to Bring

The Daily Sheet also lets the parent know what supplies the child needs.  For instance, parents provide wipes, diaper cream and diapers.  Parents also provide fully prepared bottles of formula or breast milk labeled with the baby’s first and last name, and the food the baby will eat, whether it be cereal or fruit, etc.  The reason we ask the parents to supply us with the baby’s bottles is so that the teachers will have their uninterrupted focus on the children and be engaging with them rather than food preparation.  What is important in the Rabbit Room is nurturing and providing stimulus and care to the babies.

Parents Provide:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Diaper cream
  • Two changes of clothing
  • Blanket
  • Nuk (if needed)
  • Fully prepared bottles, cereal, and baby food labeled with your child’s first and last name


In the Rabbit Room, diapering is done every two hours – and in between, if needed. 


Each child has a cubby in the room for their personal belongings and supplies, including blankets, extra clothes, nuks, baby food, etc.  It is important for the parents to periodically go through their baby’s cubby to make sure that extra clothes are appropriate for the season and are the correct size


We have an open door policy and you are free to visit any time.  You may also call and ask for the infant room to check on your child throughout the day.

It is our belief that every child has unique gifts and talents
and should be treated as an individual. 

It is our goal to foster that uniqueness in a safe, clean,
educationally prepared environment. 

At the Intergenerational Learning Center,
we treat your child as if they were our child. 

We love them.