Just Imagine...

Welcome to the Bear Room!

It is our belief that every child has unique gifts and talents and should be treated as an individual.  It is our goal to foster that uniqueness in a safe, clean, educationally prepared environment.  We take a holistic approach to working with the toddlers, and this approach recognizes that children learn naturally by doing what they do best -   exploring with their bodies and minds, exercising their curiosity and imagination, manipulating materials and developing social relationships within a secure environment.  Our class schedule incorporates all of these activities.  The daily schedule reinforces our belief that consistency is very important for the children.

We understand that beginning your child in the toddler room may be a very important change for you and your family.  At the Learning Center, we are always here to answer any questions and to make this transition as smooth as possible.  Always feel free to talk to one of your child’s teachers or any of the office staff at the center.

Notes for toddler parents:


We routinely change diapers throughout the day at 9 a.m., 11:30 a.m., after nap, and at 4 p.m., as well as whenever a change is needed.

As your child becomes ready to use the toilet, we will communicate with you how best to approach this important time for your child.  Parents and teachers will work together to make this a pleasant and successful experience for all.

During the summer, we have water play once a week.  On this day, your child will need their swimsuit, swim diaper and a towel, along with water shoes (if desired).  The kids have a fun time on the playground on these steamy summer days, running through the sprinkler and playing in the water table.

Activities with Seniors

As part of our learning goals at ILC, we feel that it is beneficial to have the children interact with the adults of older generations.  This is a great benefit to everyone involved.  Our class will go to The Commons on Marice senior living  community, which is located behind Granite City, on a weekly or monthly basis.  The ‘Grandmas’ and ‘Grandpas’, as your child will refer to them, will also come visit us in the classroom. 

The children and adults complete art activities together.  Our class will also periodically complete a cooking project to bring to The Commons.  Each month, we have a theme and corresponding activities with the seniors.  For instance, in April, for Arbor Day/Earth Day, we planted a tree at The Commons on Marice.  For May, we made May Day baskets and took them over to the seniors.  The children and seniors love to visit each other; all making new friends.

Cubbies and Tree Slots

Your child is provided with a cubby inside the classroom for any personal belongings, such as a change of clothing, blankets, pillow, etc.  We ask that there be no toys from home to prevent loss or damage of these items. 

Each child has a coat hook which is located near the door of the classroom. 

And your child also has a Tree Slot located outside the classroom.  The Tree Slot will contain the Daily Sheets, art projects and miscellaneous classroom information and items.

Daily Sheets

Each day, a sheet can be found in your child’s Tree Slot.  From these sheets, you will learn what your child did that day, how they ate and slept, and other special information.   Please be sure to check this Tree Slot every day.

What to Bring

When your child starts in the Bear Room, please provide us with the following items:

  • Diapers, diapering cream, and wipes
  • Two extra changes of clothing
  • Extra underpants and plastic pants if needed
  • Blanket for naptime
  • Special animal or doll for naptime, if desired
  • Coat, snow pants, hat, mittens, and boots for winter
  • Sunscreen, swim diapers, and water shoes during the summer
  • Toothbrush and child toothpaste
  • Any medications if needed (with a doctor’s note and authorization form)

Our center requires that your child wears a closed-toe shoe; please wear them daily.  Keep those toes safe!

As Parents of our Toddlers, Please Remember:

  • To clock in and out
  • That parents and teachers open doors, not the children
  • And parent volunteers are always welcome!